Shiny Shabby!

The Kensington Collection is a sophisticated living room to gather your friends and family or have a relaxing time of your own. Exclusive to the upcoming round of Shiny Shabby!

The couch has room for 1-3 people, and it comes with 116 animations in PG version and 180 animations in Adult version:

♥ Texture-change option: Touch the black to display the color menu

The fancy chair comes with 40 animations (20 female and 20 male).

♥ Texture-change HUD: 8 options of colors to choose

♥ World Map Wall Decor: 1 LI + Pictures 1 LI each – Drag and drop your pictures

100% Original Mesh

This set is exclusive for Shiny Shabby from January 20th to February 15th.

Taxi Here:

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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