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A lot has happened in such a short time… it amazes me how fast the world can spin around you if you let it. However, remember to always stay true to you but also know that you are who you are as well as always changing. It is your choice to change with the world, or change for you. Change will happen regardless… But taking a quote from Alice in Wonderland  “It’s no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” This is very true. I think I’ll sip my tea and reflect on that a little longer.

Keep Smiling Y’all❤

Lost and found aspen.png


Head – Genesis Lab Olivia
Body – Maitreya Lara 3.5
Hair: Truth – Thea @  Uber

{Clothes & Accessories}
Jewelry: Earthstones Double infinity Ring
Swallow  Lock of Love Necklace
Top: Paper Arrow Co. Oxford shirt @  Uber
Jeans:  Vinyl Halsey…

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Kidman Latte – 24 July 2016

Kidman's Palette



  1. RASP/BUENO – Summer Getaway RARE (@Kustom9, July)
  2. RASP-Summer Sofa- Floral (@Kustom9, July)
  3. RASP-Summer Table-Earth (@Kustom9, July)
  4. RASP-Summer-Credenza-Wood (@Kustom9, July)
  5. RASP-Dish Decor- Light Gold (@Kustom9, July)
  6. RASP-Diamond Decor-Earth (@Kustom9, July)
  7. RASP-Summer Chair- Pattern and floral (@Kustom9, July)
  8. RASP-Antique Bottles (@Kustom9, July)
  9. RASP- Antique Rug 1 and 2 (@Kustom9, July)
  10. floorplan. fairy light 1
  11. The Little Branch_BeachPalm
  12. The Little Branch_Palmetto.v1
  13. :HAIKEI: Container Plan Gacha / {5} (The paintings next to the couch) (@Kustom9, July)
  14. :HAIKEI: Container Plan Gacha / {3} (The bicycle) (@Kustom9, July)
  15. :HAIKEI: Near sunset _ gacha {5}  (The right pot plant on the credenza)
  16. :HAIKEI: if I live in a hut _ gacha {1} (The left pot plant on the credenza)
  17. :HAIKEI: white cosmos pot
  18. CHEZ MOI – Caravan Door
  19. CHEZ MOI Teak Adirondack Summers (Adult)
  20. : Tartessos Arts

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SaNaRae is Up!

Caravan Port

I am so thrilled cause it’s the first time we are in this magical event full of big brands, creative and exclusive content and great discounts!

Caravan Pic L CHEZ MOI

CHEZ MOI designed this 100% original mesh Caravan and if you want to add a unique feature to your beach, garden or party setting, this is perfect!

Caravan Penelope Detalhes CHEZ MOI

Fully interactive and furnished  in a hippie-vintage style, you will spend a delightful time with your friends and guests.

Hakuna Single Poses CHEZ MOI

20% off in the event!!!

Check more info here:

Taxi to SaNaRae:

Have a wonderful time!❤





A Warm Welcome!!!

Once again I am here to thank so much all of you that applied to be part of our family! I was so honored to see so many wonderful and talented bloggers interested in help to spread the word of our brand with their passion and creativity! It was not an easy decision!

A warm welcome to our new fabulous CHEZ MOI Bloggers!!!

For the amazing bloggers that didn’t make the cut this time, hope you consider to apply next time:)

Bloggers Names - Ago2016

Have a wonderful time!!!!!

Day at pool

Classy Addict

Day at pool.jpg

Hair: *barberyumyum*77
Bikini: Apple May Designs – Hannah – Silver

CHEZ MOI Inflatable Pastel Pool
{anc} MoonLightLounge. baby pig
CHEZ MOI BUNGALOW WAVES (@MIX 50% sale at mainstore till 31st July)CHEZ MOI Mixed box
CHEZ MOI Chair Light
CHEZ MOI Chair Stripes
CHEZ MOI GrillBarbecue
anc – tears trees, grass, bubbles, nebra beads
SKYE – palms, Zingiberaceae,  Alligator Apple Bush, Bamboo Palm
[we’re CLOSED] grass field green

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Beat The Heat.

Lex Talks

Beat The Heat.

Omg, here come the dog days of summer. That may just be a southern country, ‘murica’ type term. But in other words, it’s about to get hot AF. What better way to keep cool than the shade and a fan, a pool! What makes this pool give me the giggles? It’s totally trailer park’ish! Perfect for all those urban style sims.

It comes with color changing HUD, animations, and even a filter…which is silly to mention, but I thought it was cute =3 . It’s many chairs also have tons of animations, as well as the cutest props and accents. The fan actually circulates, and the grill is just as ‘yee haw’ as you can get!

This is just perfect for those watching prim on their rentals and trying to host a BBQ on a budget!

You can pick up the set at Chez Moi’s mainstore or their marketplace!

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It’s PoolFun Time

Do you wanna enjoy the summer? Here’s some tips
Call your friends, have a barbecue and spend the day at the pool.
You gonna ask me… but how? ….
Well… with ChezMoi PoolFun Line. Your summer much more colorful and enjoyable!

Check it out some cool pics!!!
Or if you wanna see all about PoolFun, here a taxi for our MarketPlace

Inflatable cute poolfun 6
CUTE PoolFun Line. Click here to buy at MarketPlace
Inflatable pastel poolfun 6
PASTEL PoolFun Line. Click here to buy at MarketPlace


PoolFun Life contains:


– 21 single pose (42 in total)
– 28 couple poses
– 17 extra poses

– 9 female poses
– 9 males poses

– 4 single poses (8 in total)
– 8 couple poses


♥ Prims / Li
– 2 chairs: 8/5
– 3 chairs: 3/3
– 1 chairs: 4/4
Inflatable pool: 9/13
MixedBox: 14/7
GrillBarbecue: 23/15