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think different … think XMAS LADDER

It’s Christmas Time!

What do you think of a “Christmas tree” different? unusual? but with all that Christmas has to right? Xmas Ladder is very charming and elegant … Make your home different with this ladder. You will find the Xmas Ladder in the marketplace

♥ 10 single pose | 9 poses couple

♥ 7 different scenes:
– Only ladder + gifts: 3 prims | 3 LI
– Full Decor: 27 prims | 17 Li
– Snowman: 17 prims | 14 Li
– Baubles: 23 prims | 13 Li
– Pinecone: 17 prims | 13 Li
– Gingerman: 20 prims | 14 Li
– Gifts: 17 prims | 12 Li
– SnowFlakes: 17 prims | 13 Li

Merry Christmas

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xmasladder_ 1

xmas2013 02 box-01

Xmas Hunt 2013

Celebrate this magical date with the XMAS HUNT 2013. And as usual… there are 10 quality goodies to brighten and decorate your home. Come have fun and enjoy. New CHEZ MOI – Renew and Surprise.

How to participate?
is very simple, go in the inworld store and look for 10 Gifts Boxes (Green box with red bow) are scattered throughout the store

Region Rating: Moderate

If you have any question, contactxmas2013 02 box-01 us



After a long time away from the blog, we’re back. \o/
Despite this distance, Chez Moi did not stop at any time, always bringing innovations to your home. And gradually we updating you all that has happened in Chez Moi.

For starters, the HALLOWEEN GACHA, which begins the first of October and ends on October 31. There are 13 items that you can win, including: wreaths, pumpkins, ghosts and also rare items like the cemetery and the Cauldron Witch…

Do not miss out, come and check!

And happy halloween!!!

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WD chez moi

1ST WeekendDiscount Chez Moi Furniture ♥ WDChezMoi

We are launching the Weekend Discount Chez Moi WDChezMoi.
Products only Chez Moi has, but with wonderful discounts.

Every weekend new products with discounts. Do not miss.

Go to IN-WORLD STORE and enjoy it

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1st WDChesMoi
Begins on June 7th at 5PM SLT
Ends on June 10th at 5pm SLT

See what’s promotion:

♥ Basket Lovely Evening (link to photo on MarketPlace)
Basket Lovely Evening

♥ Candle Cage (link to photo on MarketPlace)

♥ Popcorn Cart (link to photo on MarketPlace)

♥ Grill Blue BBQ (link to photo on MarketPlace)

♥ Gazebo Nature Clean (link to photo on MarketPlace)
gazebo natural clean

♥ Serenity Pergola (link to photo on MarketPlace)

Enjoy it ♥

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Marketplace store:


Ideas& Inspirations?
Link with us via Social Media

♥ BLOG: https://newchezmoi.wordpress.com/

♥ FLICKR: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chezmoi-furnitures/

♥ FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/chezmoi.furnitures?ref=tn_tnmn

We have 2 groups – Chez Moi Furnitures Group Free – free to subscribe and stay aware of our releases and get exclusive freebies and – Chez Moi Discount – you can enjoy exclusive discounts at the store in world and totally free lines disposed in front of the store for a small fee of L $ 200.

sand-and-sea-expo copy

Find the treasure at Sand&Sea Expo – 2th-5th May

For those who likes beach, and makes your terrain a little paradise in SL, there is an event only about sea and sand (SL’s Sea & Sand Expo – 2th – 5th May), from furniture to boats.
Of course Chez Moi can’t miss that. Bringing what we have to the best of our lines of beach, but we also have other exhibitors as Oceania Breedables, Jp Collections, Starboards Yacht Club and other stores that are part of the SL, always bringing your most beautiful paradise .

Come check out our display!!

Oops, I almost forget to talk about the most important, there’s treasure buried in these sands!

That dastardly pirate, Captain Flint, is rumored to have hidden treasure all over this island (and even in the surrounding waters)! While she never made a map to her treasure (people might have found the treasure then!), it’s rumored that she marked her treasures by placing a pink shell over where they’re buried.

Of course, there are lots of shells on an island like this. But, if you dig under the shells, you may find some great treasure!


1. Search for pink shells all over the Sand and Sea Expo. Every vendor has one!

2. Click on any shells you find!

3. When you click, you have a chance to win a prize! If you don’t find a prize that time, you can try that shell again after 2 hours. In the meantime, try to find some more shells! They’re all over!

4. If you win a prize, remember to click accept! The vendors cannot redeliver the prizes, so you’ll want to make sure you accept it!

NY12 copy

New York Room

-♥- You can find at MarketPlace or In-world -♥-

Surprise your guests with a fun room New York CHEZ MOI
All furniture have animated poses made ​​by the best animators in SL.

The bar is all wood and very fun illustrations features 19 individual poses, including bartender poses and 8 for couples poses super romantics.
Props beer, wines and drinks in various poses made ​​by the best animators sl.

Set of sofa and neutral poltonas multiposes that combine with various environments.
You can choose between cream and light blue upholstery and can still make combinations with the pad just by clicking on it.

The sofa has poses for couples amazing for you to enjoy very special moments.
♥ has proposed book, magazine, juice and wine.
♥ 3 places
♥ 20 and 12 individual poses poses double

The armchair has 5 poses male and 5 female poses.

Set of modern chairs in red velvet have 6 poses each.

♥ Menu controlled
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ SWAP functionality

Every decoration is planned to compose the environment.

NY1 copy

The set includes:
♥ Sofa: 11 Prims
♥ Armchair: 8 prims | 6 LI
♥ Chair Chaise: 7 prims
♥ Chair: 4 prims
♥ board Darts: 6 prims
♥ Two (2) Wall Papers: 1 prim each
♥ 4 frames: 2 prims each | Mesh
♥ Carpet: 2 prims | Mesh
♥ Potted Plant: 4 prims | 6 LI | Mesh
♥ Ceiling Lamp: 3 prims (function on and off)
♥ Watch: 4 prims | 3 LI | Mesh
♥ Bar: 28 prims | 21 LI | Mesh – low impact on the land
♥ Baleiro: 5 prims

Mesh and sculpts carefully chosen to make the environment even more real.

white swan


Our beautiful White Swan has been seen around the blog … We are biased to say it is wonderful, but the Decorating and other stuff can show you the best in SL.

And we can show you more details of our White Swan.

Wanna buy? Check out MarketPlace or In-world.

There are 30 animated poses caresses, hugs and kisses made ​​by the best in sl and 10 static poses for photos.

You can even choose from 7 textures of the seat via menu.

♥ 15 animated poses as a couple.
♥ 5 static poses for photos to couple
♥ Menu controlled
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ SWAP functionality

IMPORTANT: The pedal does not function as a vehicle. Just for decoration.

White  Swan