Tres Chic is coming!

For this upcoming round of Tres Chic Event, CHEZ MOI created the Moroccan Gazebo.

An eye-catching traditional Moroccan Gazebo, perfect for gardens and outdoor areas.

Moroccan Gazebo 4x3 PG CHEZ MOI

It comes with 88 animations (PG version) and  144 animations (Adult version). Also,12 family poses (Parent 1, Parent 2 and Child)

Also,12 family poses (Parent 1, Parent 2 and Child)

Moroccan Gazebo Single Couple CHEZ MOI

Moroccan Gazebo Couple Couple CHEZ MOI

Specifications: 7 LI | Original Mesh

This release is exclusive for Thes Chic from February 17th to March 10th.

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Enjoy and Have fun!

MadPea International Food Fair!

It’s coming to Second Life a fantastic event full of delicious releases and for a GREAT CAUSE!!!

From February the 18th till March the 4th MadPea is hosting this new one-off event to raise funds for the Feed a Smile charity that helps impoverished children in the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya.

The event will have exclusive items, gachas and everything in between with all designers giving 50% of their earnings to “Feed a Smile.” Everything will be FOOD THEMED! There will also be amazing live events daily!

CHEZ MOI created the FARMER’ MARKET CART in 3 versions:

More info here:

Have fun!!

Deco(c)rate is Up!

A new exciting round of Deco(c)rate is Up! Check romantic furniture and decor for Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air, and you will have unforgettable moments with your soulmate in this romantic Balloon Bed.

Balloon Bed CHEZ MOI


100% Original Mesh

Available in Adult version.

This release is exclusive and available for Deco(c)rate February!

In-world Group: secondlife:///app/group/7cf898c8-0fa4-32b8-f8a5-2a82c04ea5a7/about

Enjoy and Have Fun!

Be Ready for The Chapter 4!

February 4th starts a new round of The Chapter Four and CHEZ MOI created this messy and spicy bed for Valentines Day!

The Sassy Messy Bed is eye-catching in your bedroom! Fully interactive for relaxing moments by yourself or with family, as well for hot dates!

Sassy Messy Bed PicH CHEZ MOI

It comes in PG version (98 animations) and Adult version (182 animations)

Sassy Messy Single Pose CHEZ MOI

Sassy Messy Bed Couple Poses CHEZ MOI

♥ Texture-change options: Tap the bed to display the texture menu with 6 options.

Sassy Messy Bed Color CHEZ MOI

♥ Control by menu
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ SWAP functionality

Specifications: 11 LI | 100% Original Mesh

This release is exclusive for The Chapter Four during February 4th to 20th.

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Enjoy and Have fun!

The Gacha Garden!

A new and exciting round of The Gacha Garden is coming with amazing brands and unique creations!!!

CHEZ MOI created the Gacha Lyrics Deluxe – 2 Rares and 8 commons to decorate a musical spot in your home sweet home.

The Piano (3 land impacts) comes with 12 melodies and 4 animations in common version. The Rare Piano comes with romantic couple poses to enjoy a lovely time.

Each pull costs only L$ 69

Gacha Lyrics Deluxe1024 CHEZ MOI.jpg

Also, you can get our “Seed of Inspiration” along with the 20 pulls in the same machine. Here more information: THE GACHA GARDEN 


The Gacha Garden is available from February 1st to 28th.


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Enjoy and Have Fun!! ❤



Cosmopolitan is Up!

We are proud to join for the first time the COSMOPOLITAN EVENT!

To celebrate, CHEZ MOI created the Rustic Swing Douceur. A cozy place,  perfect to enjoy a pleasant day with your friends or dating that special person. This fully interactive outdoor swing is perfect for balconies or gardens and will surprise your guests and visitors.

Rustic Swing Douceur Pic2 CHEZ MOI

Rustic Swing Douceur Single Poses CHEZ MOI

Rustic Swing Douceur Couple Poses CHEZ MOI

♥ Texture-change options: tap the pillow to display the menu. There are 4 combinations to choose from.

Rustic Swing Douceur Colors CHEZ MOI

Specifications: 6 LI | 100% Original Mesh

This is an exclusive for COSMOPOLITAN from January 30th to February 11th.

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