Love is the bridge between you and everything…

Iron Bridge Site

This Vintage Wrought Iron Bridge with realistic design is perfect for gardens and romantic outdoors areas.

Iron Garden Bridge Ad CHEZ MOI

Four planters flank the archway with red flowers. Fully interactive, it has  64 animations and comes in 2 versions: Serenity (White) and Nature (Green)

♥ Room for 1-2 people
♥ 28 single poses (female and male)
♥ 36 couple animations (18 x 2)

Iron Garden Bridge Couple Poses CHEZ MOI


Iron Garden Bridge Nature CHEZ MOI

This set is exclusive and only available at LOST&FOUND EVENT from May 22th to June 1st.

Taxi for the event:

Have fun and enjoy ♥

Have a Drink…

What about a LEMONADE? Your gift its for sale now

So… Take a break from what you’re doing and come take a cold lemonade.

Make your day more sweet with this cute LEMONADE BOOTH.


The whole line have: 72 prims / 38 Li. Remembering that: nowadays only count Li.

♥ Contains:

– Booth + pot + weight + JarJuice (all linked)
– Jar glasses
– stool
– sign

♥ Poses:

– Booth: 30 single poses (15 for female and 15 for male) + 18 couple poses
– Stool: 24 single poses (12 poses per stool)

WHERE YOU BUY IT?  The Lemonade booth line CLICK HERE

Check it out some poses:

lemonade 4   lemonade 2

lemonade 9   lemonade 8

Or if you rather, you can buy each item separated…


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Happy Anniversary Tres Chic!!

One more special event this month: The Anniversary of our fabulous TRES CHIC event!!

Lots of GREAT brands, EXCLUSIVE releases and FANTASTIC gifts for you!

Check what CHEZ MOI designed just for you!

These canopy beds are cozy Reading Nooks to Hunker Down in any season. 100% interactive and with realistic design, you can choose two models: Lolita (Lilac) or Youth (Green) in Adult or PG version.


This set is available at TRES CHIC EVENT from May 17th to June 10th

Taxi for the event: TRES CHIC SURL

Have fun and enjoy! ♥

50% off at The Thrift Shop Sale Event!

Staring on May 7th a brand new round of The Thrift Shop Event!

The Thrift Shop is a FULL Sim Sales event where fabulous designers place their products for sale to consumers at a price reduced by 50% of its’ normal selling price.

The Thrift Shop offers shoppers a large variety of items all in one place.  In addition to having everything marked down by 50%, each participating store will be providing a new release that will also be marked down by 50%!

The Thrift Shop.jpg

Did I mention the TONS of Gachas available to play at the event?

♥ Event STARTS on 07th May

♥ Event ENDS on 28th May

Come and check amazing releases and GREAT prices!

Taxi for the event: THE THRIFT SHOP!

The Chapter Four – Happy 3º Anniversary!

The Chapter Four

May is a GREAT month!! We are celebrating CHEZ MOI and The Chapter Four Anniversary and we are proud to take part for the first time in this round so special!!!!

The Chapter Four starts today and you will find amazing exclusive creations and fabulous gifts made just for you!

CHEZ MOI designed a Romantic and full of mystery Mystical tent, that will amaze you and your guests.

Mystical Tent Pic 1 CHEZ MOI

Perfect for meditation, spending time with a friend or dating, the Mystical Tent is available in PG and Adult version and has up to 136 animations (Adult version).

♥ Room for 1-2 avatars | 28 single animations (female and male)

Mystical Tent Single Poses CHEZ MOI
♥ 14 yoga/meditation animations

Mystical Tent Yoga Poses CHEZ MOI
♥ 44 animations for couples in love (22 x 2)

Mystical Tent Couple Poses 2 CHEZ MOIMystical Tent Couple Poses 1 CHEZ MOI
♥ 50 sex animations (25 x 2) – adult version only

♥ Several “wearable” props like guitar, pillow, coffee, teacup, book, magazine and more.

Specification and content:

♥ Mystical Tent: 12 LI
♥ Mystical Star Lamp: 1 LI each

Mystical Tent Details CHEZ MOI


This item is exclusive for THE CHAPTER FOUR from May 4th to May 30th at promotional price – 50% OFF!

Taxi for the event: THE CHAPTER FOUR

Have Fun!

You Choose Your Gift!

May is time to celebrate the 4th Anniversary (and counting) of CHEZ MOI and we want to thank YOU for all support all over those years!!!


Activate your FREE GROUP tag to get a L$ 100 Gift Card or/and the GROUP DISCOUNT tag to get a L$200 Gift Card and Have Fun!!!

Valid for Caspervendor Displays at INWORLD STORE only – Gachas, Gift Cards and Marketplace items not included:)