New for SaNaRae

Realistic Billiard Table 100% Original Mesh perfect for your entertainment center, venues or for having fun. New for the upcoming round of SaNaRae.

Billiard Black Set PG CHEZ MOI

There are 4 wood options (Black, Classic Wood, Old Wood and White), and all of them comes in 2 versions: PG (with 89 animations) and Adult (153 animations).

Billiard Classic Couple Poses CHEZ MOI

♥ Texture-change options: Tap the table to display the menu. You can choose between 9 surface textures (Green, Blue, White, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Grey and White)

♥ Realistic effects in different lights.

Billiard White Colors CHEZ MOI

IMPORTANT: This table is just for decoration purpose. You can’t play.


This set is exclusive for SaNaRae event from October 26th to November 18th.

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Have a wonderful time!

Stone Well Butterfly for Tres Chic!

The fabulous Stone Well Butterfly is an exclusive for the upcoming round of Tres Chic!

This realistic looking well is a perfect feature for any outdoor space as gardens, forests, backyards and venues.

Stone Well Pic2 L CHEZ MOI

There are 82 animations in PG version and 130 in Adult version, including romantic proposal animations.

Stone Well Single M Poses CHEZ MOI

Stone Well Couple Poses CHEZ MOI

Stone Well Proposal Poses CHEZ MOI

Adorable flying butterflies give a magical touch for the scene (optional).

Stone Well Detail CHEZ MOI

Specification: 10 land impact + 4 LI Butterflies (optional)

This release is exclusive for Tres Chic Event and it’s available from 17th October to 10th November.

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Have a wonderful time!

Where My Heart Is

Featured Image -- 2648

Graceful Class and Elegant Sass


Night is settling in
You creep up behind me
Wrapping your arms around me
Pulling me closer

You lean gently, nipping my neck
then I hear the whisper
“You, are my home
Where my heart belongs
and here I will stay”

“For Always, Infinity”


Head – Genesis Lab Olivia
Body – Maitreya Lara 3.5
Hair: Oleander Taffy

{Clothes & Accessories}
Jewelry: Earthstones All My Love Bridal Set
Jacket: Fame Femme Unisex Jacket @ TMD  Starting tomorrow❤
Shirt: Blueberry Roro
Jeans: Blueberry Tali/ Denim
Boots: Fame Femme Old leather Boots @ Shiny Shabby 

Doc (thank you darling) Check out his stuff here!
Hair *Dura-Boy*56
Shirt Orchid Jacket Ralph
Jeans ED. Rhys Jeans
shoes ED. Rhys Combats

{Set Design}
Little Branch  Cherry blossoms @ Chapter Four  along with Snakeweed grass and Cedar Trees
We’re Closed Autumn Grass
Jian Red Foxes @ Fameshed
Chez Moi Camping Fun…

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On the way to Nowhere . . .

Trappings of a SecondLife

There’s something about the autumn air.  It’s cool, crisp, feeling lends a spark to the hot and humid days of summer, and wakes up the senses. On this particular day, the two of them were racing their bikes down a dirt road on the side of the forest. The wind whipping past and fallen leaves crumbling under the bikes’ wheels.

“Hey! Wait up!” She laughed and yelled from behind as she pedaled faster to catch up to him.  He had been in the lead for half a mile now and wasn’t giving up any ground.

He turned to look over his shoulder, a wide grin upon his face. He cupped a hand to his mouth as he shouted back, “What’s that?  I can’t hear you over the sound of winning.”  He only wanted to take her to an outdoor fruit stand.  She was the one who said she could beat…

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The Chapter Four!

What about spending time outdoors with a group of friends?

This outdoor camping set is perfect to hang out and have a pleasant time with your mates.

Camping Fun Pic L CHEZ MOI

The set comes in 2 versions: Adult and PG.

The realistic tent has 102 animations in PG version and 162 in Adult version:
Campfire Couple Poses CHEZ MOI

The campfire, which has realistic sound of crackling fire, has room for 1-4 people and you can warm your hands (single and couple) and make marshmallow:
The 2-seats Log has 54 animations in PG version and 102 in Adult version
Camping Fun Log Sofa Couple Poses CHEZ MOI

Specifications and content:
♥ Tent Multi-poses: 5 LI
♥ Campfire: 4 LI
♥ Log Couch: 2 LI
♥ Picnic Basket: 3 LI

Campin Fun Picnic Basket CHEZ MOI

The scenery as seen in the picture has 14 impact on land.


50% OFF AT THE CHAPTER FOUR from October 4th to 20th.

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Have a wonderful time!



Our Fountain Magnolia featured one of the scenes – Thanks so much all LTD Team and Bambi Foxdale for the brilliant decoration!❤



The Fountain is an exclusive for Tres Chic Event until October 11th with 20% off!!

Have a wonderful time!

Check the Sep/Oct 2016 Issue here:

Check more info about the Fountain:

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SaNaRae is Up!


SaNaRae is up with a fabulous round!! CHEZ MOI created this old Wooden Windmill, perfect to decor big fields or high mountains and create a romantic and peaceful atmosphere.

Wooden Windmill PG CHEZ MOI

Totally interactive, there are room for 1-2 people to hang out or cuddle, and 64 animations in PG version and over 120 animations in Adult version.

Windmill Couple Poses CHEZ MOI

Texture-change options: Tap the propellers to display the color menu – White, Rainbow and Rust Iron.

Windmill Colors CHEZ MOI

♥ The Propellers have a slow rotation to make the scene even more realistic.

Specifications: 10 Land Impact | Modifiable | Copyable


These items are exclusive for SaNaRae Event from September 25th to October 18th.

Taxi for the event:

For more info about the product:

Have a wonderful time!