For the new round of COSMOPOLITAN, CHEZ MOI created this elegant wrought iron style patio set.

This is perfect for any outdoor space, like balconies, patio, gardens or backyards.

Polka Dots Patio Set L Pic CHEZ MOIThis 100% original mesh set comes with 52 animations in PG version and 100 animations in Adult version.

Polka Dots Single F poses CHEZ MOIPolka Dots Couple poses CHEZ MOI

Texture change options: Tap the Chair to display the color menu. There are 18 combinations to choose.

Polka Dots Colors CHEZ MOI

Polka Dots Single M poses CHEZ MOI

Specifications and content:
♥ Chair: 2 LI | Copy | Modifiable
♥ Coffee Table: 1 LI | Copy | Modifiable
♥ Teapot: 1 LI | Copy | Modifiable
♥ Tea Cup: 1 LI | Copy | Modifiable

100% Original Mesh

Available in Adult and PG version.

This release is exclusive and available for Cosmopolitan Event from June 19th to July 1st.

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Enjoy and Have Fun!

Garden Party

Amazing patio idea! by 6astoria6 ❤

Hard Knot Life

Chez moi Garden

Santorini Lounge Sofa CHEZ MOI (Tres Chic)
BIGBULLY Sven Stool set (SL14B)
dust bunny . pillow pathway . curved . boho
Serenity Style– Alex Summer Vintage Bag
{what next} Pothos Plant (trailing)
dust bunny . potted cheese plant
19 – DRD – Garden Party – Barrel Table
2 – DRD – Garden Party – Big Tree Decorated – RARE
DRD – Garden Party – Fence One – REWARD
MishMish – Sweet Short Grass

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Tres Chic Event!

For the upcoming round of Tres Chic, CHEZ MOI created the Santorini Lounge Couch!

Gather your family and friend in this light color lounge couch, perfect for a beach or outdoor areas.

The lounge couch has room for 1-5 people and it comes with:

Santorini Lounge Squared CHEZ MOI


Santorini Lounge Single Poses CHEZ MOI

Santorini Lounge Couple Poses CHEZ MOI
Santorini Lounge Family Poses CHEZ MOI

Specifications: 10 LI | Copy | Modifiable

IMPORTANT: It’s not sectional. The parts are linked to reducing land impact

Original Mesh

Available in Adult and PG version.

Santorini Lounge L CHEZ MOI

This release is exclusive and available for Tres Chic Event from June 17th to July 10th.

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Enjoy and Have Fun!