Cosmopolitan Event!

Bring the magic of Christmas into your home with the fun Santa Sleigh.

The Sleigh comes with 77 animations in PG version and 137 animations in Adult version.

Specifications: 3 LI | Modifiable | Copy

♥ 100% Original Mesh

Exclusive for Cosmopolitan Event from November 20th to December 02nd.

Taxi Here:

Enjoy and Have Fun!


Limit 8 Event!

This Swing Lift is perfect for wintery outdoor scenarios and fully interactive for unforgettable moments.


The Rusty Lift comes with 68 animations in PG version and 128 animations in Adult version.

Texture change option: 6 wood colors to choose.

♥ Optional smooth swinging motion – touch the top of the lift to stop/start.

Specification and content:
♥ Swing Lift: 12 LI | Modifiable | Copy
♥ Sign Pole: 1 LI | Modifiable | Copy


The Rusty Swing Lift is exclusive for Limit8 Event from November 18th to December 13th.

Taxi here:

Enjoy and have fun!

Deco(c)rate January!

It’s time to open another round of crates!

CHEZ MOI created this exclusive Iron Gazebo fully interactive with snowy bare tree!

Available in PG and Adult versions.


Check out this unboxing video from Alicia Chenaux!


Do you want to get your crate? here some links that will help 🙂

In-world Group: secondlife:///app/group/7cf898c8-0fa4-32b8-f8a5-2a82c04ea5a7/about

Enjoy and have fun!!

Buy Now is coming!

This decorative sled + wooden sign is perfect for winter outdoor spaces.


Fully interactive and with room for 1-2 people, it’s available in PG and Adult version:

Cozy Sled Alpes Couple Poses CHEZ MOI

Specifications: 6 LI | Mesh | Copy | Modifiable | NO Transfer

IMPORTANT: This is NOT a vehicle. Just Decorative Scene.

This is an exclusive for BUY NOW event during January 1st to 30th. 

Check the whole list here:, or on Marketplace:

Have Magical and prosperous New Year!

Upcoming round of SaNaRae

Have a pleasant and romantic time in this fabulous Merry Sleigh CHEZ MOI.

Merry Sleigh PG CHEZ MOI

Perfect for the Holiday season, this Sleigh has 94 animations in Adult version, and 54 in PG version.

Merry Sleigh Couple and Single CHEZ MOI


Specification: 6 LI | Modifiable | Copy

This release is available for SaNaRae Event from December 26th to January 18th.

Taxi to the event:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Deco(c)rate is UP!

CHEZ MOI released the L’amour Carriage for Deco(c)rate December!


Deco(c)rate is a monthly mystery box filled with high quality. original mesh decor, home and garden items. Deco(c)rate will deliver 15 top quality semi-exclusive from SL’s best home, garden and decor designers directly to your inventory every month.

For more information:
In-world Group: secondlife:///app/group/7cf898c8-0fa4-32b8-f8a5-2a82c04ea5a7/about

Have fun!