Limit 8!

The sun is out, so let’s enjoy a beautiful day at the beach or pool!

CHEZ MOI is participating for the first time in the Limit 8 Event and released this Double Adirondack Chair – perfect to hang out with your lover or friend. There are 56 animations in PG version and 106 animations in Adult version.

Texture change option: Tap the pillow to display the texture menu. 6 textures to choose.

Specification and content:
♥ Adirondack Chair: 3 LI | Mod | Copy
♥ Watermelon Tray: 3 LI | Mod | Copy

♥ Windshield: 2 LI | Mod | Copy – LIMIT 100 Copies! So Hurry Up!


Three textures are available for sale: Rustic, Malibu, Seashore! Adult and PG version.

This release is exclusive for Limit8 from July 18th to August 13th.

Taxi here:

Enjoy and Have Fun!


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