New for SaNaRae

Realistic Billiard Table 100% Original Mesh perfect for your entertainment center, venues or for having fun. New for the upcoming round of SaNaRae.

Billiard Black Set PG CHEZ MOI

There are 4 wood options (Black, Classic Wood, Old Wood and White), and all of them comes in 2 versions: PG (with 89 animations) and Adult (153 animations).

Billiard Classic Couple Poses CHEZ MOI

♥ Texture-change options: Tap the table to display the menu. You can choose between 9 surface textures (Green, Blue, White, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Grey and White)

♥ Realistic effects in different lights.

Billiard White Colors CHEZ MOI

IMPORTANT: This table is just for decoration purpose. You can’t play.


This set is exclusive for SaNaRae event from October 26th to November 18th.

Taxi for the event:

Have a wonderful time!


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