SaNaRae is Up!

SaNaRae is up with a fabulous round!! CHEZ MOI created this old Wooden Windmill, perfect to decor big fields or high mountains and create a romantic and peaceful atmosphere.

Wooden Windmill PG CHEZ MOI

Totally interactive, there are room for 1-2 people to hang out or cuddle, and 64 animations in PG version and over 120 animations in Adult version.

Windmill Couple Poses CHEZ MOI

Texture-change options: Tap the propellers to display the color menu – White, Rainbow and Rust Iron.

Windmill Colors CHEZ MOI

♥ The Propellers have a slow rotation to make the scene even more realistic.

Specifications: 10 Land Impact | Modifiable | Copyable


These items are exclusive for SaNaRae Event from September 25th to October 18th.

Taxi for the event:

For more info about the product:

Have a wonderful time!


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