Tres Chic Event

The upcoming round of TRES CHIC is perfect for late summer!

Bon Voyage Boat PG CHEZ MOI

CHEZ MOI created the Bon Voyage Boat, an old fashioned boat fully interactive.

Bon Boyage Boat Couple Poses CHEZ MOI

It’s a perfect escape for having peace, taking pictures or for spending a lovely and romantic day with the one you love. An eye-catching feature on coastal sims or lakeside properties.

Bon Boyage Boat Pic Umbrella CHEZ MOI

** Please Note: The Boat DOES NOT function as a vehicle. Just for decoration.

For more information about the product:

This release is exclusive for TRES CHIC event during 17th August to 10th September.

Taxi for the event:

Have a wonderful time!


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