Oh… Midsummer Nights…

Coming to you this Friday @ 7pm SLT @ Indie Teepee – July 2016. Indie Teepee x Guerilla Burlesque (SL) presents a specially created REVUE – an hour of dance routines, each created especially for the show by the dancer performing it. Intricate sets, splendid costumes and a cool soundtrack are brought together with state of the art scripting and particle effects.

Live singers, bands, DJs, theater performances, creative forum and shopping with original and magical mesh designers!!! Perfect for spend some creative and delightful time in your Second Life 😉

CHEZ MOI designed this magical and organic Gazebo to fulfill your midsummer night dreams.

Fairyrale Gazebo PIC2 L CHEZ MOI

Available in PG and Adult version and Wood and White color.

Fairyrale Gazebo PIC H CHEZ MOI

Fully interactive, you can find Single, Couple and Adult animations.

Check more info about the Gazebo here: http://chezmoifurnitures.com/index.php/2016/06/27/fairy-tale-gazebo-chez-moi/

Here the INDIE TEEPEE Calendar: http://www.indieteepee.com/events/category/events-calendar/

It’s TOMORROW – July 8th!

Have a wonderful time!


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