Our team of stars is growing <3

Bloggers Search AD - CHEZ MOI - closed.jpg

A warm welcome to our brilliant, creative and stunning new CHEZ MOI bloggers:

♥ AlehSpears
♥ Arya Braveheart
♥ BijankRau Resident
♥ Catherine Milena
♥ exoticpeaches23 Whitfield
♥ Guilhermedandretti
♥ Hanstrid Inshan
♥ iandarkk resident
♥ itsbeni Resident
♥ JoelSuwako Resident
♥ Kawaiilian
♥ Marceellla Resident
♥ MaryDarky Canning
♥ Mythical Serenity
♥ Nerderina
♥ Patricksillver
♥ Raymond Diavolo
♥ Rood Adamczyk
♥ scotiamaiden
♥ Solde Rothmanay
♥ Sugarfairy88

Thanks for the great amount of responses and for that we couldn’t choose only 15 bloggers!

Thanks so much for all the bloggers who applied and please, never give up and keep up with the good work always ❤





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