Back to the Past with Tres Chic!

February 17th starts a new round of the fabulous event that we all know, Tres Chic – 50′ Glam!

Come and check wonderful releases in retro style for a thematic decor or wardrobe 😉

Chez Moi comes with the 50′ Glam Diner Sofa!

50' Glam Sofa 6 CHEZ MOI

Perfect for Diners or a thematic house 50s’, this leather sofa will surprise your guests.

Fully interactive, it has 65 animations and room for 1-4 avatars:
♥ 30 individual poses (male and female)   ♥ 2 skating animations   ♥ 5 dining options animations with the following dishes: Rib, Chicken, Hamburger, Pizza and Dessert.
♥ 28 poses for couples (14 x 2)


The set as seen in the picture has 18 LI.

50' Glam Sofa Decor CHEZ MOI

For more information: CHEZ MOI Website


This release is exclusive for TRES CHIC EVENT from February 17 to March 10, 2016. Taxi is the event: TRES CHIC SUrl


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