Presenting: Supreme Bathroom CHEZ MOI

Bathroom Supreme + Vanity Place PG CHEZ MOI

– Bathtub Multi Poses and Multi Color –

For starters, the fully interactive bathtub, has 74 animations:
♥ 30 poses to take a bath laying in the bathtub or in the shower (male and female)

Supreme Bathroom Bathtub Single Poses Shower CHEZ MOISupreme Bathroom Bathtub Single Poses BT CHEZ MOI
♥ 44 animations for couples in love (22 x 2)

Supreme Bathtub Couple Poses CHEZ MOISupreme Bathtub Couple 3 Poses CHEZ MOISupreme Bathtub Couple 2 Poses CHEZ MOI

Tap the Faucet to display the bath water options menu:
♥ Bubble Bath
♥ Romantic bath with roses
♥ Bath with crystal clear water

Supreme Bathtub Colors CHEZ MOI

Texture-change options: tap the bathtub or carpet to display the menu:
♥ 5 Bathtub color options
♥ 4 color options for carpet

Write on chat “SHOWER ON” or “OFF SHOWER” to turn on or turn off the shower.

The shelf, delicately decorated and full of details, and the towel rack also have menus with color options:
♥ Shelf:: 9 in total to choose from.
♥ Rack Towels: 5 combinations to choose from

– Sink and Bathroom Cabinets –

Go ahead and take a peek in the cabinets. With Shabby style and various colors to vary, your bathroom will always have a new face:
♥ 10 wooden color options
♥ 3 color options for marble

Bathroom Sink Main CHEZ MOIBathroom Sink Colors CHEZ MOI

This sink has 10 animations:
♥ Including washing hands, brushing teeth, combing hair, drying hair, shaving, cleaning the sink, among others.
♥ Several “wearable” props such as hair dryer, comb, toothbrush, razor, mascara, among others

Touch the lamps to light them up and turn them off.

– Toilet –

You will find a box with three toilets in different colors to choose from (white, pink, pearl)
♥ 8 female and male animations
♥ Tap the flush to hear the sound

Bathroom Toilet Poses CHEZ MOISupreme Toilet Colors CHEZ MOI

– Daybed –

Super feminine and delicate, this lounger is for your moments of vanity or simply relaxing.
♥ 14 individual animations (male and female)
♥ 9 animations for vain women, how to pass moisturizer, comb your hair, do makeup, paint your nails, among others
♥ Includes several “wearable” props

Bathroom Vanity Daybed Vanity Poses CHEZ MOIBathroom Vanity Daybed Relax Poses CHEZ MOI

Texture-change options: Tap the daybed to display the menu: 9 combinations to choose from.

For more information CHEZ MOI MARKETPLACE, or for a closer look, visit our INWORLD STORE.


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