For a fairytale and romance atmosphere…

Secret Garden Gazebo Multiposes CHEZ MOI.

Secret Garden Gazebo Main CHEZ MOI

Many lights illuminate this Gazebo, richly detailed and decorated with vines and beautiful flowers, which will amaze its visitors and guests.

Secret Garden Gazebo 1 CHEZ MOI

It has 90 animations:
♥ 24 individual poses (12 female and 12 male)
♥ 25 animations for couples in love (25 x 2), including slow dances, marriage proposal, kisses and cuddle, among others
♥ 8 static poses to immortalize these magic moments in beautiful photos.
♥ Props: champagne, wine, book and love letter.

Secret Garden Gazebo Poses CHEZ MOI

Secret Garden Gazebo 3 CHEZ MOI HIGH

Secret Garden Gazebo 2 CHEZ MOI

For more informations, visit CHEZ MOI MARKETPLACE or, for a closer look, come to our INWORLD STORE 🙂

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