Fun never falls too far from the TreeHouse!

To enjoy a nice day outdoor with friends or with that person so special, TreeHouse Sweet Escape CHEZ MOI.

treehouse 2a

This hut, properly furnished, comes with poses made by the best SL animators for your enjoyment.

The bed has 118 animations including:

treehouse 4a treehouse 3a
♥ 16 individual poses (8 out of place)
♥ 20 animations for couples in love (20×2)
♥ 3 animations for seduction (3×2)
♥ 28 sex animations (28×2)
♥ Massage pose, kisses and super hot make out.
♥ Props: cell phone, magazine, book, cat, tea, crossword and pen

The carpet, to relax with friends, has 18 poses

treehouse 5a

The whole scenario as shown in the picture has 55 LI and 50 Prims

treehouse 2a (2) treehouse 3a (2) treehouse 8a

To see more information, click here: CHEZ MOI MARKETPLACE

Also in the unfurnished version.


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