Say Hello to Summer!

Embrace summer with a super luau and invite your best friends and that special person!

luau dinner complete

The table surrounded by colorful cushions in vibrant tones, has 6 decorations controlled by menu:
♥ Decoration: 20 LI | 28 Prims
♥ Place Setting: 26 LI | 40 Prims
♥ Lunch: 26 LI | 40 Prims
♥ Dessert: 25 LI | 38 Prims
♥ Prawn Tray: 18 LI | 24 Prims
♥ Empty Dining Table: 10 LI

luau dinner poses 2 luau dinner poses

Room for 1-6 person and 40 animations made by the best animators SL:
♥ 20 individual poses
♥ 10 couple poses (10 x 2)
♥ Props: fork, guitar, champagne, prawn and grapes.

luau dinner 8a

If desired, remove the dishes that will not be used from the table. There will be no damage to the product.

luau dinner scenes

See more details in CHEZ MOI MARKETPLACE.


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