I got my ticket for the long way round… The one with the prettiest views…

Vintage Scooter perfect to walk around with your friends.
Vespa 2 places accompanies many such features, sound system, excellent control with various speeds to choose from and low lag.

♥ Move forward: w or up arrow key
♥ Turn left: the left arrow key or
♥ Turn right: d or right arrow key
♥ Brake: page down
♥ Burn rubber: w or up arrow key while holding down page, repeatedly press page down for more effect.
♥ Wheelie: page up
♥ Slide on / off: up / down arrows keys at the same team
♥ Change gear higher or lower: shift + left arrow or right arrow (reverse, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Other colors:

vespa strawberry 1a vespa rose 1a

Check more here:



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