Our Supreme Bedroom its amazing!!!!
tks Love To Decorate!!!!

Love To Decorate

Chez Moi - Supreme Bedroom


A cozy and elegant bedroom from CHEZ MOI with many exciting poses.

The 13 LI bed has 150 animations, some of which rezz props such as tea, book, laptop and pillow and is Copy/Modify.

The 3 LI stool has 12 animations such as drying hair, combing hair and putting on nail polish and will rezz all those props. It has a choice of 10 textures plus 2 woods and is Copy.

The lounger has 10 poses and will rez props such as coffee and newspaper.

The window seat is 10 LI and Copy and has 16 poses and rezzable props such as book, snack and tea.

The nightstand is 5 LI and Copy, Carpet 3 LI and Copy/Modify, the mirror 5 LI and Copy, the deckchair is 5 LI and Copy/Modify, the armchair 3 LI and Copy/Modify, the fake window is 4 LI and Copy/Modify.

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