Find the treasure at Sand&Sea Expo – 2th-5th May

For those who likes beach, and makes your terrain a little paradise in SL, there is an event only about sea and sand (SL’s Sea & Sand Expo – 2th – 5th May), from furniture to boats.
Of course Chez Moi can’t miss that. Bringing what we have to the best of our lines of beach, but we also have other exhibitors as Oceania Breedables, Jp Collections, Starboards Yacht Club and other stores that are part of the SL, always bringing your most beautiful paradise .

Come check out our display!!

Oops, I almost forget to talk about the most important, there’s treasure buried in these sands!

That dastardly pirate, Captain Flint, is rumored to have hidden treasure all over this island (and even in the surrounding waters)! While she never made a map to her treasure (people might have found the treasure then!), it’s rumored that she marked her treasures by placing a pink shell over where they’re buried.

Of course, there are lots of shells on an island like this. But, if you dig under the shells, you may find some great treasure!


1. Search for pink shells all over the Sand and Sea Expo. Every vendor has one!

2. Click on any shells you find!

3. When you click, you have a chance to win a prize! If you don’t find a prize that time, you can try that shell again after 2 hours. In the meantime, try to find some more shells! They’re all over!

4. If you win a prize, remember to click accept! The vendors cannot redeliver the prizes, so you’ll want to make sure you accept it!

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