New York Room

-♥- You can find at MarketPlace or In-world -♥-

Surprise your guests with a fun room New York CHEZ MOI
All furniture have animated poses made ​​by the best animators in SL.

The bar is all wood and very fun illustrations features 19 individual poses, including bartender poses and 8 for couples poses super romantics.
Props beer, wines and drinks in various poses made ​​by the best animators sl.

Set of sofa and neutral poltonas multiposes that combine with various environments.
You can choose between cream and light blue upholstery and can still make combinations with the pad just by clicking on it.

The sofa has poses for couples amazing for you to enjoy very special moments.
♥ has proposed book, magazine, juice and wine.
♥ 3 places
♥ 20 and 12 individual poses poses double

The armchair has 5 poses male and 5 female poses.

Set of modern chairs in red velvet have 6 poses each.

♥ Menu controlled
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ SWAP functionality

Every decoration is planned to compose the environment.

NY1 copy

The set includes:
♥ Sofa: 11 Prims
♥ Armchair: 8 prims | 6 LI
♥ Chair Chaise: 7 prims
♥ Chair: 4 prims
♥ board Darts: 6 prims
♥ Two (2) Wall Papers: 1 prim each
♥ 4 frames: 2 prims each | Mesh
♥ Carpet: 2 prims | Mesh
♥ Potted Plant: 4 prims | 6 LI | Mesh
♥ Ceiling Lamp: 3 prims (function on and off)
♥ Watch: 4 prims | 3 LI | Mesh
♥ Bar: 28 prims | 21 LI | Mesh – low impact on the land
♥ Baleiro: 5 prims

Mesh and sculpts carefully chosen to make the environment even more real.


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