Daydreaming Island

Our beautiful line is being praised … It is always a pleasure to bring our customers new features that can brighten and beautify your SL
Thanks to “What * IS * Willis Talking About?

What *IS* Willis Talking About?

Chez Moi always has such GORGEOUS stuff, I don’t know why I haven’t featured it more!  But I am happy today to bring you Daydreaming Island 😀

Chez Moi! Daydreaming Island

A lovely little Island getaway, not overly primmy and won’t take up tons of space, and the bonus is it comes with SO many poses! Whether you want singles, couples or even fun fishing poses (complete with copiable rods) this definitely has it all.   You can yoga on the beach, smooch against a tree, bathe in the luscious water as well as much MUCH more.  Want a nap? You have a hammock!  Want a boat, well you can see one, can’t you!   Just want some nice scenery, this has it!   It’s a really really pretty piece that I know will make a welcome addition to ANY beach.

It’s top notch! *thumbs up from this girl*

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